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Reply anthonywbarrett
1:14 AM on March 10, 2014 

In the " " hood ' " (we are no longer neighbors that's why today there called hoods by those who no longer see themselves as neighbors), many black people live way below the poverty line , yet spend on things that has nothing to do with improving themselves. Collective engineering is what's needed. Blacks are not "competitive" and are therefore not needed. Most jobs, even the petty ones are sent to third world countries just so blacks can't get them. Blacks have been OBSOLETE since the creation on the internet in the '40's and '50's.

One must begin to critically look at what is reality today's reality. These rap songs and rappers are not telling the black youth anything, neither are these R&B artist. Black sports figures know that if they ever come with anything for black people their fame and fortune is gone. Never before in our history has being gay been the NORM yet here black people are with. Black parents are just as savage as their children. Can't beat them (law doesn't allow you anymore) so they JOINED them.

Marshall Law will be declared in all black neighborhoods and a " Shinler's List "  will be implemented. Blacks will be sent to force work labor camps (prisons). Ever notice that the are railroad tracks that come from ever major city that lead to prisons in this country? Many blacks are out of shape so they won't be able to fight. While you look on your T.V. and see young whites in these Lucille Roberts gym getting firm and ready to fight. Blacks don't even know what they need. Surrounding projects, neighborhoods where blacks live at will be easy for whites. There will even be dumb black gangs to help them do it.

What will be the wake up call for many blacks?